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News of ROMANSO outward bound

Jun. 03, 2020

On May 30th, our company went to the expansion base in Dapeng peninsula, to participate in the outward bound.  The main purpose of this activity is to strengthen the construction of the company's staff, enhance the mutual communication among the staff, and cultivate and exercise the team spirit and the sense of cooperation.


For the one-day development activity, all our staff gathered at 8:00 am and set out to expansion base. Although it was raining, it could not stop us from moving forward. After arriving at the expansion base, the coach introduced the activity discipline and matters for attention to us in detail. Under the guidance of the coach, all the members were divided into three teams. Each team selected its captain and assistant, and named the team name, slogan and team song for its own team. Each group of players put their heads together and came up with their own ideas. The first group was the Warrior Team, the second group was the Sunny Team, and the third group was the Stormtrooper. They demonstrated their own team's imposing manner, opened the prelude of outward training.


The coach carefully designed a number of projects for us , "relief bracelet", "grafting", "passion beat", "limit 60 seconds", "graduation wall"; Our deepest memories are of the graduation wall project. Because we made one mistake again and again, we failed to climb the graduation wall for the first three times. The team members who serve as the ladder for us paid a lot, and three of them paid dearly for the mistakes we made. Finally, all our team members successfully climbed the graduation wall. In the whole process, there is a lot of sweat and a lot of tears. This makes us realize that we are a team, we must unite, not afraid of hard work, overcome difficulties, in order to go to the top of success.

News of ROMANSO outward bound

One by one well-designed training project inspired everyone strong interest and passion,  in the process of cross the training programme, the team members worked together to conquer the projects they once thought impossible to complete. after the training project, we shared the joy of success and experience and fully realized the team trust, effective communication, empathy, reasonable organization, leadership and executive ability and the team cooperation which are closely related to the work of management consciousness and attitude. In the process of the activity, everyone actively participated, faced up to the difficulties and dared to challenge themselves. The team members cheered on each other and encouraged each other to overcome the psychological barriers, and did not escape or give up. Every training is a move, every move is from the heart of the shock.


This activity effectively enhance staff's courage and self-confidence, enhance the consciousness of unity and cooperation among employees. Through mutual exchanges and learning at the same time, we recognize the importance of the trust in each other, team work and good at innovation. It will play a positive role of improving the company efficiency, promoting the departments of communication and coordination. We believe the all staff will be able to work together to create a new brilliant chapter in the future work!

News of ROMANSO outward bound

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