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Harvard University Develops a School of Robotic Fish with LED Lights

Feb. 05, 2021

Owing to the inspiration of fish, researchers from Harvard University have created a school of underwater robotic fish. The robotic fish can navigate and find each other on their own and work together to complete tasks. Equipped with two cameras and three blue LED lights, these bionic robotic fish can sense the direction and distance of other fish.

Harvard University Develops a School of Robotic Fish with LED Lights

These robots are 3D-printed in the shape of fish, with fins instead of propellers and cameras for eyes. Besides, they light up with LEDs due to the imitation of nature’s innovation of bioluminescence. The LED pulses change and adjust depending on each fish’s position and knowledge of the “neighbors”.

The robotic fish can control itself into group swimming behaviors owing to the adoption of the simple senses of cameras and photosensor, basic swimming movements and LED lights.

These robotic fish can also finish simple tasks together. Take searching for something as an example. When they are asked to find a red LED in a tank, they can search independently. Yet, when one of them finds the object, it may alert and summon the others by changing its LED flashing.

In addition, without disturbing marine life, these robotic fish can get closer to reefs safely to monitor their health conditions or search for certain items that their cameras can detect. Moreover, swimming around underneath piers and ships for inspection can be achieved, and offering help in search and rescue activities can even be realized.

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