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Jun. 28, 2022

It can be difficult to provide adequate lighting in a huge warehouse, especially one with high ceilings. Warehouses have different needs than residential buildings or other commercial buildings because they need plenty of light for the workers inside. One way to solve the lighting problem is to invest in LED high bay lights.


What are High Bay LED Lights

LED high bay lights are specialized industrial shop lights. They are designed for buildings with high ceilings because they can create powerful light along a long range, and it helps visibility better than traditional incandescent lights. These features make high bay lights perfect for many applications, both commercial and industrial, warehouses, manufacturing facilities gymnasi-ums, aviation hangars, convention centers, big box retail stores, cold storage facilities. 


When comparing LED lights to other common industrial lighting technologies, LED lights have plenty of benefits. These lights start up faster, last significantly longer, and can be less susceptible to lumen depreciation. LED lights can also be easier to use with a motion sensor, and they are highly energy-efficient.


When buying LED lights for your space, you should look at the lumens per watt and the quality indicators. Lumens per watt is important because the higher the lumens per watt, the lower the wattage you need to replace the existing lights. Most often, quality indicators are warranties. These are important because if you invest in a 15 year LED light but it dies in a week, it is probably not a user error.


High bay LED lights are designed to work in locations with high ceilings, such as warehouses and retail environments. They have many benefits, including being cost-effective in the long run and lighting a space better than incandescent bulbs. If you are looking for high bay LED lights for your commercial space, Romanso Company has a wide variety of products to fit even the most unique buildings.

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